Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mid-Season Build1: Wrap-Up

Little late, but here is a wrap-up for Mid-Season 2011 Build1:
Looking back 6 or so weeks - here is the state of play at the end of Base.

I have labelled this period as Build1 - it's primary focus included continued ramp of CTL, introduction of more specific/race-like sessions, and tonnes of threshold work.

CTL ramp over the period was pretty fierce with an average of +5.25 per week for the 4 weeks. This saw CTL rise from 96 to 117.

Training moved away from the trainer over to a predominantly road based schedule where I was looking to be in the mountains multiple times per week.

Threshold work was accumulated while climbing. Average of 2 hours dedicated threshold work on climbs on per-week basis over the 4 week block. Average power output for threshold work increased 2.2% week on week.

Body weight at ~66.9kg moved down to ~65.3kg.

Mid-Season Build1 - PMC

In reference to the PMC above:
A: Peak
B: Post injury and illness trough
C: End of Mid-Season Base
D: End of Mid-Season Build1

Next Build is basically more of the same, but with a slowed CTL ramp..

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