Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Log: 11/10/2011

10/10/2011 - Nil 
Rest Day. 20min on the trainer- easy effort.. Didn't happen..

11/10/2011 - Road | Velo
Per previous post I've started Build2 phase. I have taken the approach of pre-mapping out target watts for each SST or FTP interval for the coming period. In the case of each Tuesday it's SST - and have prescribed 95% FTP for 2x20min, but the Tuesday mantra is strictly to go with the flow.
If I had an intense Sunday I can still be carrying fatigue into Tue - and where I find 95% feels like 9500% which it sometimes can - then just turn the volume down on intensity. Wednesday muntanyes take priority, and I have prescribed target numbers for Wednesdays that I do not want to miss. Target numbers for Wed & Fri climbing intervals aren't overly ambitious (I hope) - but they scare me nevertheless..

So, 2x20min at Balcky Velo. 1st 20 - on the scale of perceived effort (PE) was a bit difficult - but no danger of falling short of the mark. 2nd 20 was nice and easy on the PE scale - more like how I felt the first might be. Probably suffered 1st time round as did not roll the legs out yesterday like supposed to.

Duration:      1:25:24
Work:          857 kJ
TSS:           101.2 (intensity factor 0.849)
Pw:HR:          5.54%
Distance:      38.519 km

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