Sunday, October 23, 2011

Log: 23/10/2011

22/10/2011 - Track | BBN

Oliver and I fronted to race, but the rain (which had cleared) put off the number of attendees to a level not worthy of holding a race meet. Instead, the few that were there and keen used the session for training. Lots of motor pacing was on the menu for the afternoon - which was a nice way to get in some leg speed, and a perfect intro for Oliver. Brad James is adding the finishing touches to his Warny prep - and some quality time behind the derny was exactly what he wanted. Ol loved rolling turns behind the bike. Good to get more work in than what would have been accrued for a typical race day..

23/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Team ride - "Cinderella & the 3 Ugly Sisters". Only Mick Villani completed the final climb after coffee, and he was planning to bolt on some extras to boot. I was after ~300TSS for the session, felt bad for not climbing Cindarella and got home to discover 312.. mission accomplished. Garmin have now published update to Edge 800 firmware that displays TSS on the unit. Still waiting for the update for the 500. This metric would be perfect for days like these...

Was a great training ride today - apart from the fog. Spent a lot of time in the fog. 3 solid climbs, all at a good intensity.

Cinderella and 3 Ugly Sisters

Last couple of weeks have acclimatised to what has been a steady diet of ~900TSS/week. This has then seen a couple of weeks with a CTL of only +1 per week - leaving me feeling pretty fresh for each ride and evidently allowing me to crank up the output.

This week TSS 1000 and a CTL +4 but feeling pretty on top of it. Ave watts +2.75% on last week across x2hrs climbing threshold work. Had expected to be gaining at most +1% week (if anything) from here to Tour of Bright, so unexpected but certainly good.

Duration:      4:42:22
Work:          2255 kJ
TSS:           312.2 (intensity factor 0.88)
VI:            1.48
Pw:HR:          0.2%
Pa:HR:          15.47%
Distance:      109.358 km
Elevation Gain:        1694 m

Next week planning for CTL+3 (~960TSS), bringing CTL up to 125.

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