Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Log: 26/10/2011

26/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Mid-week Muntanyes. Glorious Melbourne Spring morning.

Starting to mix up the ride route a little now and am enjoying the variation. 2x1/20 and a Perrins this morning. I don't like 1/20 and extension to Olinda much for threshold work, the gradient is all over the place and I struggle keeping the power down on the false flat. I know I just said I'm enjoying the variation and then complained about the climb..
Lot of folks out climbing this morning. Spotted TFM Cetltic crew for 2nd consecutive Wednesday and Crowie was seen about also.

Perrins Ck. Rd.

    Duration:      2:59:00
    Work:          1822 kJ
    TSS:           199 (intensity factor 0.818)
    VI:            1.3
    Pw:HR:          12.03%
    Pa:HR:          -15.18%
    Distance:      78.314 km
    Elevation Gain:        1228 m
    Elevation Loss:       1237 m
    Grade:         -0.0 %  (-8 m)
        Min    Max    Avg
    Heart Rate:      69    221    134     bpm
    Temperature:     7    16    9.6     Celsius

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