Friday, October 21, 2011

Log: 20/10/2011

Looking back to my moments of trepidation Wednesday morning - there was a contributing factor that I didn't mention - being my inability to resist the temptation of testing myself a little the day before. Tuesdays workout was on the velo:

95% FTP for 2x20min, 1x10min at 105% FTP.

That final 10min was really to test the water with an alternate power meter. For the final interval, I sustained similar wattage to that regularly output during climbs - and it wasn't really very comfortable. I was surprised to be moving so fast while doing threshold work, and it all felt a bit strange. 10min on the flat at the intensity that I'd normally bang out back to back 2x20min on a climb felt a bit like it ripped my legs off.. The 10min effort did occur after 40min @95% FTP, that would have to contribute to the sting - but interestingly enough - would probably say there is an element that comes back to specificity of training.

20/10/2011 - Trainer

60mins AeT.. Pretty warm.

Duration:      1:02:05
Work:          616 kJ
TSS:           49.6 (intensity factor 0.695)
Distance:      29.802 km
Min    Max    Avg
Heart Rate:      75    164    138     bpm
Temperature:     26    29    28.3     Celsius

20/10/2011 - Road | Velodrome

BBN skills with jnrs. Threat of rain all night, basically held off. Ol is still enjoying the track and is keen to have a race on Saturday. I don't end up accruing much actual training during these sessions, is nice to roll out the legs on the track..

21/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Awoke to rain this morning - back to bed. Crossing my fingers that it's clear this evening as I won't miss this workout regardless of weather..

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