Monday, October 31, 2011

Log: 31/10/2011

27/10/2011 - Trainer

AeT. Felt good.

    Duration:      1:00:02
    Work:          597 kJ
    TSS:           44.4 (intensity factor 0.669)

27/10/2011 - Track | BBN Skills

Nice evening to be rolling out the legs. Good turnout.

28/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

A morning to forget. Generally tired. 1st ascent was a battle, made a second ascent - but no preassure - just tempo. Has been a long time between bad days, but nevertheless the single bad day will still conspire to sap your confidence no matter how well you are going.

    Duration:      2:50:28
    Work:          1543 kJ
    TSS:           156.5 (intensity factor 0.751)
    Distance:      70.489 km
    Elevation Gain:        1133 m
    Temperature:     16    23    18.7     Celsius

29/10/2011 - Road

Forfeited racing based on yesterdays energy levels and generally dismal performance. 80min AeT on an old training route. Nice to have a change of scenery. Charging the batteries was number 1 priority..

30/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Sunday morning team ride postponed due to weather. Wet weather hung around all day. I ventured out at 4pm - Friday on my mind. Usual formula: Pick x2 longest possible climbs, on each tap out 20min >FTP then climb the remainder at ~95% FTP. This has proven to be a successful formula, but as I get stronger I'm starting to run out of road - the last portion (which I think is really valuable) is becoming quite reduced in duration. 3rd climb was steeper and circa 10min. Same, same but different.

Typical Spring, deceptively warm and dry on the flat & freezing, wet, cloudy & miserable in the ferns. Key workout - just suck it up and tap it out. Days like these make the good days seem even better. Happy to hit targets while climbing.

    Duration:      3:36:35
    Work:          2141 kJ
    TSS:           237.5 (intensity factor 0.812)
    Distance:      89.138 km
    Elevation Gain:        1471 m


Dargo race this coming Saturday.
Looking at the start list - I'm not familiar with any of the competitors in my age category. Unfamiliar parcours, unfamiliar competition.

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