Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Log: 25/10/2011

24/10/2011 - Foot

A walk today instead of soft ride. It rained - but that was Ok..

25/10/2011 - Track | BBN

Some words from over at Endurance Corner were my motivation today.
..If you have ability in a field then it is straightforward to become good. Good = top 5% performer.
What does it take to become great? In a word, "everything". The transition from good to great requires a complete shift in your approach. We tend to think about what we have to add -- the "extra effort", going the "extra mile", "giving 110%"...
While the extra effort is both material, and essential. People don't breakdown due to the "extra" -- people breakdown because they are unable to strip away the non-essential...

Absent 1-in-ten-million talent, achieving 1-in-ten-thousand results will require a sustained effort that is unreasonable and, possibly, unhealthy. It is unique individuals that can tolerate extreme workloads over the long term (perhaps this is a form of talent?). Most of us can only cope with phases of intense work, primarily when we are young. Medical residents, investment bank trainees, elite military recruits... it's not just athletics where this applies.

Persistence in the face of setback and obstacles - that counts..
What else counts? The capacity to change - in athletics, the key things are:

  • Willingness to change geography - to make it easier to do the right work;
  • Building the correct peer/training group around one's self - to make it easier to do the right work;
  • Tailoring our training approach to perform in races, not training; and
  • Continual technical enhancement - to get more speed per unit of work.

I find it tough to front up to the velo on fatigued legs and coerce 50min quality SST out of them. When I have accrued >300TSS on Sunday, my Tuesday legs are still not rearing to go. I find 92-93% FTP pretty tolerable. Any faster and the legs start to scream - trying to suppress 50 minutes of screaming is mentally fatiguing.

Ol & I at Sun Tour Presentation - spotted on SBS Cycling Central  :)

    Duration:      1:29:33
    Work:          978 kJ
    TSS:           106 (intensity factor 0.845)
    VI:            1.21
    Pw:HR:          6.4%
    Pa:HR:          -5.75%
    Distance:      42.866 km
    Temperature:     16    22    18.3     Celsius

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