Sunday, October 9, 2011

Log: 09/10/2011

08/10/2011 - Road

No racing track today - had a family commitment that didn't want to miss..
AeT effort on the road - being mindful of knee. Very steady, easy effort - just maintain aerobic engine and settle into 595. Somewhat mindful of scheduled training for tomorrow = 140km out to Toolangi and return. Weather forecast looks less than ideal also..

Duration:      1:41:05
Work:          742 kJ
TSS:           71.6 (intensity factor 0.654)
VI:            1.33
Pw:HR:          -2.05%
Distance:      36.261 km

09/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

5:35am awoke to rain - lots of rain. No Toolangi for me, back to sleep.
8:30am awoke to rain, back to sleep.
9:50am awoke to rain, better get up.

Eventually headed out for training session early afternoon (Not Toolangi - just couple climbs in Dandenongs). Some rain fell coming into Montrose, and while making 1st ascent. Not enough water to properly wet the road or soak my kit - but enough to give the whole riding in the rain vibe. Mixed it up a bit today in terms of route, but still targetting longest climbs possible.

Hit targeted numbers - great to consolidate on upward trend for the week. Finding that as I progress, the ave power for 2nd climb is becoming a lot stronger in relation to 1st.
125 minutes focused FTP+ climbing minutes over the week with an average 2.8% wattage increase on last week. Today signifies the end of Build1 period - will post wrap-up early this week.
If I can progress at even half of the rate that I have been to date from here on in, I will be happy come race day. It's been a challenging 12 months, and I'd love to end the year with real progress.

Duration:      3:35:10
Work:          2046 kJ
TSS:           247.9 (intensity factor 0.833)
VI:            1.31
Pw:HR:          13.2%
Distance:      89.283 km
Elevation Gain:        1420 m

10km ride with Oliver early in the evening. He's able to put the hurt on me on climbs once I've got a good training session in the legs. He loves putting the hurt on :)

Scoreboard - Cracticus tibicen: 1, Me: 0
Well, I thought all of the magpie young had sprouted feathers and left their nests - no birdie attacks for days and days.. Olinda side of Ridge Rd - x1 crazy bird near sat on my shoulder for 30 seconds - "snap, snap" in my ear, etc. I really swore my head off at that animal - so surprised at the land and snap tactics, then laughed my head off when it finally relented. Hoping that's a wrap for 2011 animal attacks..

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