Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Log: 18/10/2011

17/10/2011 - Nil(ish)
Rest Day. 20min on the trainer- easy effort.. Didn't happen.. Did roll around a bit on the road to validate swapped wheel operating correctly. Have sent primary Powertap back to meet it's makers as suspect numbers have been plaguing rides for last couple of weeks..

18/10/2011 - Road | Velo
Prescribed 95% FTP for 2x20min, which completed then completed 1x10 at 105%.
Beautiful day (warm), lots of sweat - got to get used to that..

Duration:      1:35:09
Work:          1017 kJ
TSS:           113.5 (intensity factor 0.848)
Distance:      46.471 km
Temperature:     21    29    25.3     Celsius

Minimum 14c overnight. Going to be beautiful morning for mid-week Muntanyes..

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