Saturday, October 22, 2011

Log: 21/10/2011

21/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Post work muntanyes. Made the right decision to go back to bed AM.

Rolled out along Burwood Hwy feeling pretty fresh. No rain. Warm. Traffic not as bad as was expecting. More daylight than I'm programmed to expect. Different smells - Pizza.. Steak. Different radio show. Days work behind me on the timeline, but still present in my head.

Expected the worst from the weather. Lightly dressed, but pockets full - rain jacket, arm warmers, knee warmers, shoe covers. Warm.

Mtn Hwy, Devil's/1Tree: Tonight I let the reigns loosen some.
Going by Stava's version of the climb "Devil's Elbow from roundabout" they give me 4.48 watts/kilo - but I backed off x1 street early (Alpine Rd instead of Merimbula Rd) as that was the spot that I though was the official end of the climb. Fair to say time would have been better had have kept on pushing to the finish line. Second climb was at requisite watts for next weeks sessions. 3rd climb I took it relatively easy.

Pea soop fog but no precipitation, quiet roads, dusk. Magic.

Ol - Thursday Skills Session

Duration:      3:12:29
Work:          1845 kJ
TSS:           227.5 (intensity factor 0.844) 
Pw:HR:          15.22%
Pa:HR:          -26.87%
Distance:      75.108 km
Elevation Gain:        1384 m
Heart Rate:      73    174    132     bpm
Temperature:     12    20    14.5     Celsius

Happy for now - numbers coming good.

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