Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Log: 19/10/2011

19/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Another mid-week muntanyes done and dusted.

Ok, went back and rode the same route as last Sunday - this time on racing wheel with different Powertap. Sunday it was becoming pretty apparent (final nail in coffin) that my other PT was starting to swing high/low and the offset torque was now consistently reporting out of spec values. Have been living with it for the last couple of weeks as it's pretty obvious when it's happening and I seemed to be able to bring it back in-line with a calibration and trusty 'ol auto-zero. Certainly there was a dose of denial going on there too - as I just didn't want to have deal with a faulty unit.. Aaaaaa-nnnd well, I was quietly terrified that the unit may have been reading a bit high for a while, and that all of my so called progress was just noise in the machine that was slowly amplifying as it kind of rolled over and died...

All this in mind (well and truly in mind) it was with some trepidation that I rolled out for the mid-week muntanyes. Different scenarios played out in my mind, in particular those where I just couldn't hit the same numbers that I had days and weeks before this very morning - thus confirming that all of my progress was just bollox - and that in fact I was capable of only mediocre performance, and what would I tell myself if this eventuated, and how would I cope, and.. you get the picture.

1st climb - hit the requisite numbers. "Did I just slaughter myself -  rendering a second, repeat performance impossible?" "Didn't feel that hard, buut dunno If I could tap out another one of those.." etc, etc..
2nd climb - hit the requisite numbers!! Army of monkeys simultaneously jumped from my shoulders and into the surrounding trees. Tough, but doable - nothing unusual. In fact over the two climbs I did hit next weeks target numbers (which is what I had been doing on the dodgy PM).. Take a deep breath, consolidate, move forward.

I'm liking this climb - it gives me 20 minutes work and is 7.9% gradient. Not as long as TawongaB - but the right kind of gradient. 1: 20min@104.6% FTP, 2: 20min@103.9% FTP, 3: 10min@100% FTP.

    Duration:      3:05:41
    Work:          1800 kJ
    TSS:           210.2 (intensity factor 0.828)
    VI:            1.33
    Pw:HR:          17.16%
    Distance:      74.918 km
    Elevation Gain:        1363 m
    Temperature:     12    24    16.7     Celsius

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