Monday, October 17, 2011

Log: 17/10/2011

12/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Running from memory here - x1 word = Miserable.
Cold and wet in the mountains but I got the work done.

Duration:      2:53:57
Work:          1649 kJ
TSS:           191.9 (intensity factor 0.816)
Pw:HR:          7.67%
Distance:      71.633 km
Elevation Gain:        986 m
Temperature:     6    18    8.6     Celsius

13/10/2011 - Trainer

AeT for an hour.

Duration:      1:00:02
Work:          580 kJ
TSS:           42.7 (intensity factor 0.661)
Distance:      29.343 km

13/10/2011 - Track

Thursday night skills sessions are back on at BBN track. Oliver and I headed out to reacquaint ourselves with the single-speed. It's been a while for both of us - 6 months for Ol. I help out Alan with drills etc. and it's great to train with the young one.

Oliver - Flying 200 at dusk

14/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Beautiful morning - stark contrast to the misery of Wednesday. Had a small incident with a bee in the helmet on one descent - had to stop to remove it. Good solid climbing, x2 20minute efforts at >FTP, each followed immediately (No RI) by 6-7 minutes at 90-95% FTP. ~52+ minutes solid threshold work over two intervals - will continue to feature frequently on the training menu from here on in.

Duration:      3:00:16
Work:          1906 kJ
TSS:           215.1 (intensity factor 0.848)
VI:            1.25
Pw:HR:          11.29%
Distance:      79.796 km
Elevation Gain:        1153 m

15/10/2011 - Track | Race

Season opener at BBN. B grade. Format: Scratch, Points and Kierin.

Scratch: I succumbed to a mechanical - DNF (cringe).
Points: Confidence blown to pieces by the previous DNF and an acute paranoia that the gear I was running was too big - we rolled off.. I raced conservatively.. 3rd place and confidence restored. There was a selection mid way through that I chose not to chase, but in retrospect should have - I definitely had the legs.
Kierin: Fun but not my bag - finished with the bunch, the pure sprinters dominated. Need to think about changing my tactics here - sitting in until the bunch kick will get me nowhere..

Ok start to the season - will ride more aggressively from now on as self belief now in a more healthy place (1st racing since accident, etc).

16/10/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Headed out later in the day - missed the 6:00am team ride due to super poor nights sleep.
4 seasons in 1 ride. Different climbs today - slightly different format. Steeper, slightly shorter climbs (2x20 min >FTP) and x1 10min climb >>FTP. Solid tempo into headwind home.
Less time and CTL than I had planned for, but the late start determined the format as wanted to go and catch the final stage of the JHST with Ol.

Duration:      3:12:28
Work:          2087 kJ
TSS:           240.9 (intensity factor 0.87)
VI:            1.25
Pw:HR:          5.19%
Pa:HR:          -24.66%
Distance:      74.745 km
Elevation Gain:        1421 m

Lygon St - JHST

Great afternoon - good bike racing and primo gelati :)

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