Thursday, September 8, 2011


Disappointing not to have finished Melbourne to Ballarat.

Other mid-season goals obliterated:
Not able to race the Victorian Masters Road Champs the following weekend (major focus).

Missed last rounds (4 & 5) of the Blackburn Cycling Club/Kelly Coaching/Bikes DeVer Endurance Aggregate Series. I was holding an equal 3rd place overall and wanted to consolidate or better this position moving into round 4. Round 3 was very tight in the points race, which was for that round held over 80 laps. My major contender on the night (that was just pipping me in the sprints up to lap 70) faded badly in the last 6-7 laps, and I very nearly lapped him (extra 20 points). I couldn't quite catch this time but I placed 2nd overall (B grade) for the round. I was determined to come back for round 4 and get up for the win. The points race was to be an extra 20 laps (100) in round 4, and I felt I stood a good chance for the win this time with the extra distance to play with.. I haven't gone back to look at the overall since I have missed the last rounds, but safe to say I'm definitely out of the race so to speak.

So there was a week off the bike to heal from Ballarat incident. Week back on the bike limping around with cactus shoulder. Week off the bike with a virus. "Aaargh", form gone. Back to building some base..

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