Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Log: 21/09/2011

21/09/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Mid-week muntanyes. Same route as last week: Basin --> Olinda, descend Wall, Patch --> Sherbrooke Forest.

1st 20min of climbing at high intensity and then just tapped out the rest. Still feeling fatigued so committing to a very easy day tomorrow then back out climbing Friday. Neck feeling better today. Still stiff, but better..

Scoreboard - Cracticus tibicen: 4, Me: 0
One incident on the way out, birdy friend didn't actually hit me but cracked off a beak snap next to my ear as he raced passed within inches "Clack!!", me "WHA??..   Oh.. Yer.." Roll-eyes, pedal on.. grin..
Return leg was properly tackled 3 times. First bird was just one knock into the helmet and that was it.. Second I'm sure was my little mate from last week - this bird is seriously loco. "Crack", "squark-squark-squark-squark-squark" four, three, two, one.. "Crack", squark-squark-squark-squark-squark". Two heart starter moments, first because it's unexpected - the second because it came around again too quickly.

Sherbrooke Forest

Duration:      3:07:14
Work:          1734 kJ
TSS:           205.8 (intensity factor 0.813)
VI:            1.26
Pw:HR:          11.66%
Pa:HR:          -14.24%
Distance:      74.732 km

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