Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Log: 28/09/2011

28/09/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Mid-week muntanyes.
I couldn't believe the temperature outside as I got ready to depart in the wee-hours. So mild - but I've become hard wired over winter to just bring something warm in case, and as it was I just couldn't leave the house without a gilet on even though the radar was pinging 19c all around Melbourne..

Union Rd.

Much more fresh than last Wednesday - couple of quality climbs. My body weight is coming down and I'm starting to notice it on the bike - feels good. Still about 1-1.5Kg to go.. Slowly Slowly, 10 weeks to go.. 

Will be interesting going back to compact crankset after 6 weeks on a more standard setup up front with 12/25 behind...

Scoreboard - Cracticus tibicen: 0, Me: 0
Very windy/gusty - on the outbound leg I imagined magpies coming in for the "belly-flop on helmet" maneuver and being taken off course by a gust of wind and slamming my back or rear end. I wondered if they had the confidence to be out dive-bombing in treacherous conditions.. Seems not.. On the return leg I imagined magpies doing all they could to stay in the trees and keep ther nests and babies from blowing away - probably didn't even notice me..

Duration:      2:56:32
Work:          1795 kJ
TSS:           203 (intensity factor 0.832)
VI:            1.23
Pw:HR:          8.33%
Pa:HR:          -24.99%
Distance:      74.94 km
Temperature:     17    23    19.4     Celsius


  1. hi Cam,

    keep up the posts. They're enjoyable and informative. It looks like you're having a good run coming up to December.


  2. Thanks Mat - really appreciate positive feedback. After injury last year I was hoping for breakthrough this year, but alas I find myself on the comeback trail again. How does it go again "alls you can do is alls you can do..". Hope you're keeping well and riding strong - Cam..