Sunday, September 25, 2011

Log: 25/09/2011

24/09/2011 - Road

AeT for x2 hours. Keep the aerobic engine ticking over while allowing for some recovery. 2.5% decoupled, no complaints.

Duration:      2:02:47
Work:          1087 kJ
TSS:           114.7 (intensity factor 0.75)
VI:            1.22
Pw:HR:          2.49%
Pa:HR:          8.89%
Distance:      49.615 km

25/09/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

King Lake via Flat Rock Rd. Not many of the team out today as racing at Blackburn Cycling Club Damian McDonald Memorial Regional RR and Club Championships. Congrats to Brad James (@Elmanetes) for taking M123 Club Champ honours!

I stuck to my numbers on King Lake climb which was pleasing considering there were some matches burnt on the way there. Weather was glorious - albeit a little cold in the lowlands (4c no gloves - ouch!!).

Duration:      4:53:32
Work:          2646 kJ
TSS:           369.6 (intensity factor 0.916)
VI:            1.32
Pw:HR:          13.68%
Pa:HR:          7.02%
Distance:      115.773 km
Elevation Gain:        1541 m
Heart Rate:      67    172    136     bpm
Temperature:     4    28    11.5     Celsius

Gardiners Creek

25/09/2011 - Road

After a generous bowl of pasta and some couch time I was back on the bike with J11 Jackrabbit. We hit the bike trails along Gardiners creek and cruised for a few hours.

Duration:      3:18:53
Work:          536 kJ
TSS:           38.3 (intensity factor 0.355)
Distance:      38.339 km

1st 150km+ day in a while. Hoping I can now last the distance to stay awake for the men's road race - world championships. Go the green and gold!!!

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