Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Log: 20/09/2011

19/09/2011 - Trainer

Rest Day. 20min on the trainer- easy effort..
Pretty heavy legs from last week - had accrued 1019 TSS. Bit heavier than usual, but I trained on the Monday which is usually not the case..

20/09/2011 - Road | Velo

Still heavy legs in the morning. Once I got on the bike they felt great.

2x20min at Balcky Velo. 1st 20 - Just floated through it, too easy. Easiest since I can remember, no chain interval. Cool - starting to feel strong.
2nd 20 was an effort - back down to earth. Started to feel the fatigue in the legs that I expected during 1st interval.

Duration:      1:22:27
Work:          845 kJ
TSS:           109.9 (intensity factor 0.897)

Distance:      37.485 km

Muntanyes tomorrow. Weather - please hold out..

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