Wednesday, September 7, 2011

101st Melbourne to Ballarat Classic 2011

Second time I have raced in this event. I wouldn't say it's 100% compatible with my preferences for a race course, and it's a handicap. But it is nevertheless tough - and that's a plus.

This year I lasted only 65km before being chopped from the right hand side by a rider cutting in from the closed lane. Was a big unit and it was literally a wall of backside that barged across my handlebars. I didn't get his race number..
I took down 3 or 4 riders behind me. I was comforted to have it confirmed from the other casualties that there was nothing I could do to prevent the accident. Lay down at 47kph - I slid for what seemed a long way, staring at the sky - waiting to stop.
It was a beautiful day and I still have that image of the blue sky and white clouds in my minds eye. I got straight up and noticed that I was in the non-closed lane, and that cars were stopped on the highway waiting for us to get up and out of the way. I immediately picked up my and another riders bike and headed for the shoulder. After only a minute or so my neck was already quite stiff and made the call to get it checked out in hospital. 

@Duke6amer, @ElManetes and Al came by the hospital on the way home to check on me - thanks guys. Next day my neck was Ok but my shoulder (AC joint) was very sore, and stayed that way for couple of weeks. Is still bugging me a little now - really taking a long time to heal, think I was lucky not to separate it.

Up until the 65km mark all was going according to plan - I was doing enough work for my group, but not shelling myself. I had survived all of the climbing, we had caught all but one of the other groups that were ahead - and the last riders up the road were in sight. I had just had a quick chat with young Camden Bush who has started riding with the CharterMason Cycling Team and that's about when my race ended in a blur..

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