Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Log: 13/09/2011

2x20min - Blacky Velo.

1st interval really hurt today, 2nd was a breeze in comparison. It is generally the case that 1st is worst - but today I was really uncomfortable..

Windy, really windy. It's always windy at Blacky Velo but today I was hanging on to my bike at times. This is the only place that I ride where frequently there is a headwind for 360 degrees. Whole lap into a headwind - how does that work? Seriously - headwind 100% of the time. I have no major issue with it, but its a curiosity that always astonishes me..

Guy on a mountain bike lapping in the wrong direction when I arrived. He knew it, and turned around as soon as I looked at him. I knew what he was up to - 360 degree tailwind :)

Duration:      1:20:49
Work:          851 kJ
TSS:           105.6 (intensity factor 0.888)
VI:            1.21

Pw:HR:          5.36%
Distance:      36.363 km
Temperature: 18.8     Celsius

Tomorrow I plan to head for the mountains early AM. BOM says it might rain. I'm going regardless..

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