Sunday, September 18, 2011

Log: 18/09/2011

Last night's sleep was interrupted. Neck kept going "twang". Every time I woke I'd go through a routine; check the time, "I can't go training in the morning with my neck like this", back to sleep, "twang", check the time, "I had better go training - Monday's a rest day - you've a day to heal.. just stay seated in the climbs - keep your upper body relaxed - you'll be OK..", back to sleep, "twang", check the time, "I can't go training in the morning with my neck like this"..

I did get up to go train, and outside it was a balmy 12c - fantastic. Rubbed on a fistful of Ibuprofen gel, drank cup of coffee, muesli bar, and x2 Ibuprofen orally..

1st Sunday team ride in about 6 weeks. Traditionally a hit-out in the hills, today we rolled to a different theme - Beach Run..

Profile is pretty flat with a couple of climbs in the middle - short and sharp stuff. Was disciplined enough to stay seated for the entirety of the majority of them - and where I did stand was very neck conscious - no leveraging off the bars. Being first time ride with team for some time was interesting to "see where I'm at" in comparison with peers, and while I wasn't exactly smashing off the front, my seated efforts were keeping me mid-front pack. Ok for now as only x1 week out of base period (6 weeks behind schedule) - if this is still the case in a few weeks I'll be getting a bit panicky - but I'll shelve the panic for the ifs and whens..

Some of the group went longer after the coffee stop and banked 160k for the day in prep for the Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic. I opted to skip the extra K's today as already my TSS for the week is plenty much with a CTL of +8!

Special thanks to Duke and the LG for the surprise gift at coffee today.

Spent the afternoon in the front yard: Father/Son gardening session. It was the perfect day for it, and I'm really satisfied to have it done.

Duration:      4:30:14
Work:          2068 kJ
TSS:           284.4 (intensity factor 0.838)
Pw:HR:          -10.13%
Distance:      113.332 km

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