Friday, September 16, 2011

Log: 15/09/2011

14/09/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Build period is here, and with goals in mind, it's time to bring on the mid-week muntanyes. Morning started out sunny, and ended up in heavy rain for the last 15 or so minutes. Mountain Hwy magpie encounter, very few riders out.. Training goal met? Check!

Nice to see aerobic decoupling down below 5% (Ok - just..). Will keep my eye on this over the coming weeks. I will be ramping up the intensity of this session from next week, so week-week comparison may not be completely valid - but nevertheless, whatever the intensity I want to see that figure stablised at 5% - or ideally less than..

Duration:      2:55:09
Work:          1802 kJ
TSS:           212 (intensity factor 0.853)
Pw:HR:          4.97%
Distance:      74.517 km
Temperature:     10    16    12.4     Celsius

"Fast on the Flat. Fit in the Ferns.."
15/09/2011 - Trainer

Bit of a rest day following x2 days at intensity (plenty of L4 work).
50 minutes at bottom end of L3 with x2 minutes L4 every 10 minutes..

Duration:      1:00:10
Work:          609 kJ
TSS:           56.2 (intensity factor 0.751)
Distance:      29.04 km
Temperature:     17    18    17.4     Celsius

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