Friday, September 23, 2011

Log: 22/09/2011

22/09/2011 - Trainer

AeT effort on trainer / active recovery.

Duration:      1:00:03
Work:          543 kJ
TSS:           44.7 (intensity factor 0.671)
Pw:HR:          4.88%
Pa:HR:          0.59%
Distance:      27.495 km

23/09/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

Fresh - definitely in comparison with Wednesday. 50min quality climbing at threshold over a couple of longer intervals (1x27min, 1x23min). I'm now enjoying that the second climb has some interruptions - lesser gradient, or at times negative gradient. Pushing through those sections breaks the rhythm - but I think in a good way.

Specificity - want to race in the mountains? Train in the mountains.
Enjoying the change in routine. Pre-Melb to Ballarat I was spending time putting in threshold work on the velodrome. Effective - yes, but sterile and repetitive.

Apparently someone trying to recover a level of fitness level they previously reached will have an easier time than someone who is in figuratively "uncharted waters".
The body apparently "remembers its former self" much easier than it "imagines a new self".

Am yet to reach "uncharted waters" - still on the comeback trail..

The Basin

Scoreboard - Cracticus tibicen: 2, Me: 0
x2 on the outbound leg. I took an alternate return route - just wasn't in the mood for more uninvited, hostile aerial visitations on this fine sunny morning.

Duration:      2:52:27
Work:          1750 kJ
TSS:           215 (intensity factor 0.866)
Pw:HR:          17.23%
Pa:HR:          -2.11%
Distance:      72.765 km

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