Sunday, November 27, 2011

Log: 27/11/2011

Training Principles - 6:

Individualization, Periodization, Progressive Overload, Balance, Specificity, Reversiblility, Evaluation, Rest-Recuperation-Diet. 

"Just as fitness gains (adaptations) occur at a certain rate in response to training, so too does
the loss of fitness follow a predictable time course in response to inactivity or a reduced training load. 
This must be accounted for upon a return to training after injury or illness, during the transition to the off-season, and when tapering/peaking, which is defined as strategic manipulation of training variables to enhance or accentuate supercompensation and produce peak performance for selected events. " Howe 

26/11/2011 - Road | Muntanyes

    Duration:      4:52:17
    Work:          2449 kJ
    TSS:           321.9 (intensity factor 0.854)
    Norm Power:    226
    VI:            1.48
    Pw:HR:          4.56%
    Pa:HR:          10.42%
    Distance:      107.519 km
    Elevation Gain:        1534 m
    Elevation Loss:       1549 m
    Grade:         -0.0 %  (-14 m)
        Min    Max    Avg
    Altitude:        58    574    194     m
    Crank Torque:    0    117    16.8     N-m
    Temperature:     10    16    12.5     Celsius

No real rain to speak of after the deluge the previous evening. Very wet roads and high humidity/drizzle saw us hit the bottom of the KL climb pretty waterlogged from the hips down - but it wasn't really cold, so no real fuss. Just the one KL ascent this morning, it was a spirited effort, and happy to have sustained ~4.45 watts/kilo for the duration (this signifies a consolidation of good progress for me). Good to have Power/HR decoupled by <5%, Joe would be pleased..

Perhaps a well executed taper next week might yield a minor performance increase - but for all intensive purposes, the ToB prep is done.. Whew!..

Quick Stats:
    Weeks 15
    Distance 5263km
    Climbing at FTP+ 1467min
    Body Weight -5kg
    Ascent 45794m (actual climbs - not bumps in the road on the way to climbs)
    FTP(20min) +18.7% (from output achievable after Ballarat accident & assc. break)

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