Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Log: 09/11/2011

Not a lot of training to date this week. Not how I either expected or wanted it to be..

No major cramps on Saturday but a few good nibbles here and there. When I ride through cramping spasms I get bad DOMS in the days that follow. Makes sense - on one level the muscle is involuntarily contracting, and on another I simultaneously load and stretch the spasming muscle through the length of the pedal stroke. This makes for much tearing of fibres and associated soreness and swelling.

I'm a little distressed at the CTL falling the way it has this week - but realistically, having been operating at CTL ~120 for a while now I have enough in the bank to blow on some needed post race recovery. Training camp this weekend will somewhat balance out the week. I will of course be far better off arriving at camp with good legs rather than sad legs..

Dargo Feed Station 1  (c/o ActionPactPix)

Working in some Vo2 elements now. Build blocks have been all threshold focus to this point.

Q: What was the limiter that saw me off the back on Sat?
A: Veee-Ohh-Tooo.. 

Mind you, Dargo was always a "B" priority race in the sense that all my prep is targeting Bright, so I was always going to hit the start line a somewhat unfinished product.
Having said that - the effort that saw me let the selection go was 5 minutes at 4.92w/kg - a very Vo2 effort for me as we're talking 120% FTP. There's no reason for me to believe that this wouldn't again happen at Bright in a few weeks time - so it's a timely kick in the backside to get on with some Vo2 work..

09/11/2011 - Trainer | Early


    Duration:      1:01:35
    Work:          634 kJ
    TSS:           56 (intensity factor 0.742)
    Distance:      30.313 km
    Temperature:     22    23    22.5     Celsius

09/11/2011 - Trainer | Evening


    Duration:      1:05:18
    Work:          697 kJ
    TSS:           68.7 (intensity factor 0.797)
    Norm Power:    215
    VI:            1.21
    Temperature:     22    29    27.4     Celsius

Good to have my legs back. 18min of 110-120% FTP (x2min chunks) mixed into x2 hours of AeT. Strong focus on not letting wattage drop below AeT after the Vo2 efforts thus requiring recovery while still working..

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