Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Log: 15/11/2011

Training Principles - 4:

Individualization, Periodization, Progressive Overload, Balance, Specificity, Reversiblility, Evaluation, Rest-Recuperation-Diet. 

Progressive Overload.
"The story of Milo of Croton from the 6th century B.C. illustrates this principle perfectly.  Every morning, according to legend, this greatest of ancient Greek athletes of would lift a
young calf overhead and carry it across a pasture.  As it grew, Milo lifted a little more each day, until he could carry the full-grown bull.

Similarly, training adaptation, and hence improved performance, is induced by stress loads that “challenge” the body (exceed existing fitness levels) and fatigue it to an appropriate degree (see Seth Hosmer’s fine summary of the workout/recovery cycle for more).  As an old and fundamentally useful maxim runs, “Train where you are, or slightly beyond, not where you want to be.”  In response, and after adequate rest/recuperation, the body’s plasticity allows it to “defend” itself, and “supercompensate” or rebound to reach a higher level of fitness.  It is in quantifying the imposed stress load, especially at higher/variable intensities, that power-measuring devices and analysis software are most useful." Howe 

15/11/2011 - Velodrome
Threshold work (SST). Hot out today - felt difficult, high HR & low Power..

    Duration:      1:23:09
    Work:          723 kJ
    TSS:           68.8 (intensity factor 0.707)
    Distance:      38.472 km
    Heart Rate:      76    169    136     bpm
    Cadence:         31    182    94     rpm
    Temperature:     21    30    28.1     Celsius 

15/11/2011 - Road
Recovery with Ol.. 

    Duration:      36:35
    Work:          116 kJ
    TSS:           6.9 (intensity factor 0.339)
    Norm Power:    92
    VI:            1.72
    Pw:HR:          n/a
    Pa:HR:          n/a
    Distance:      9.524 km
    Temperature:     24    27    25.4     Celsius

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