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Log: 26/11/2011

Training Principles - 5:

Individualization, Periodization, Progressive Overload, Balance, Specificity, Reversiblility, Evaluation, Rest-Recuperation-Diet. 

"“Variety” is often cited as a training principle, but it is often desirable for training composition to vary little for weeks on end (such as a period of aerobic conditioning), and while it is important to avoid boredom and remain motivated, variety simply for its own sake can produce sub-optimal training.
Instead, it is better to strive for optimal balance in a training program, which depends on the event being prepared for as well as rider characteristics.  For instance, if preparing simply for a long, flat, relatively “isopower” time trial, an appropriate training balance will include little anaerobic capacity training, if any at all.  At the other extreme, competitors in the 4,000 meter team pursuit must strive for the most nearly “perfect” combination, or comprehensive balance, of anaerobic, maximal aerobic, and threshold capacities, plus adequate neuromuscular power – after a period of rather unvarying aerobic conditioning
which is identical to that needed by road competitors.

More generally, periods of competition must be balanced with structured training.  Racing (especially criteriums) and group rides impose specific neuromuscular demands as well as wide, rapid variations of intensity that structured training does not normally replicate, leading some to place excessive emphasis on the notion that ‘the best training is racing,’ however, it is not as effective as 2-3 hour steady-state tempo rides or long (40-60 minute) intervals at lactate threshold in creating consistent aerobic demand and increasing muscle respiratory capacity.  After a period of competition, aerobic endurance and lactate
threshold need rebuilding through structured workouts." Howe 

It's about 10 days between posts. Have been maintaining the general principles put forward in plan for the closing weeks of prep. Maintain aerobic engine, some speedwork, more climbing, and Vo2 work. CTL ~120 & ATL is not crazy high. Just doing enough to maintain some elements (slow responding), and sharpen others (quick responding).

26/11/2011 - Trainer

    Duration:      1:00:04
    Work:          617 kJ
    TSS:           46.8 (intensity factor 0.687)
    Norm Power:    182
    VI:            1.06
    Pw:HR:          6.79%
    Pa:HR:          3.99%
    Distance:      29.564 km
    Elevation Gain:        18 m
    Elevation Loss:       0 m
    Grade:         0.1 %  (20 m)
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           4    255    171     watts
    Heart Rate:      68    157    135     bpm
    Cadence:         49    136    83     rpm
    Speed:           15.2    35.1    29.5     kph
    Pace             1:43    3:57    2:02     min/km
    Altitude:        167    187    179     m
    Crank Torque:    0    37.7    20.1     N-m
    Temperature:     19    19    19.0     Celsius

Kinglake in the lead..

Vo2/hill repeats yesterday - am not entirely depleted today - but want to be fresh for a longer, more intense session tomorrow. Looking at the Poll, Kinglake & Flat Rock Rd route has won. Much to my delight - this is just what the doctor ordered.

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