Friday, November 11, 2011

Log: 11/11/2011

11/11/2011 - Road | Muntanyes 

Climbing Vo2max/Threshold intervals:

  x3 15 minute sets with 10 min RI:

    3min @100% FTP
    2min @110% FTP
    3min @100% FTP
    2min @110% FTP
    3min @100% FTP
    2min @110% FTP

I could feel the intervals from the last 2 days in my legs.
1st set was tidy and to the numbers - last two were progressively more messy. Hit the targets but it was tough. Have enjoyed the change to the climbing workout, and it/variations thereof will become steady diet for the next few weeks. Need to go by feel, but once I feel I'm nailing the 45 minutes (if that happens!?) I'll change things up incrementally..

    Duration:      3:09:04
    Work:          1735 kJ
    TSS:           196.3 (intensity factor 0.791)
    VI:            1.39
    Distance:      76.217 km
    Elevation Gain:        1361 m
    Temperature:     15    24    18.8     Celsius

Friday night in the traffic - what a sad state of affairs. People yelling, spitting.. What has our society become reduced to? No basic respect or common courtesy to fellow citizens - just contempt, open & fuming contempt. What a sad state of affairs...

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