Saturday, November 12, 2011

Log: 12/11/2011

Training Principles - 1:

Individualization, Periodization, Progressive Overload, Balance, Specificity, Reversiblility, Evaluation, Rest-Recuperation-Diet.

"Training prescriptions must be shaped by the fact that different individuals may respond
in significantly varying degrees, and have varying recovery needs, for a given workout or training load. Other factors to be taken into account are age, training status/history, individual characteristics (e.g., strengths and weaknesses, as assessed with Power Profiling), weather, training opportunities (e.g., local availability of roads/trails, terrain, traffic), work schedule and other responsibilities, competitive priorities and preferences (which races you want to do well in, which you want to use for training, and which you enjoy the most, since motivation will determine how diligently you train), role within a team, etc." Howe

12/11/2011 - Road


    Duration:      1:29:32
    Work:          701 kJ
    TSS:           54.4 (intensity factor 0.606)
    Pw:HR:          -12.04%
    Pa:HR:          -0.18%
    Distance:      35.25 km
    Elevation Gain:        441 m
    Elevation Loss:       430 m
    Cadence:         30    218    91     rpm
    Temperature:     20    30    27.1     Celsius


    Duration:      40:20
    Work:          102 kJ
    TSS:           8.1 (intensity factor 0.35)
    Distance:      7.515 km
    Elevation Gain:        69 m
    Temperature:     24    26    25.9     Celsius

Muntanyes tomorrow. Hoping legs are not too DOMSy from efforts over previous few days.

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