Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort Classic

2013 heralds in the commencement of the Cycling Victoria "2013 Victorian Road Series".
One of the events comprising the new road race series is the Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort Classic - an epic and favourite event, now billed as the "toughest race on the calendar". I'm not arguing..

It's a pet event for me because it's not only a race against peers - but also a journey of discovery - push youself to excruciating limits both mental and physical - and hold it there.. A tough and beautiful parcours with a brutal mountain top finish - Baw Baw is amongst the very hardest climbs in Australia.

A race of various extremes - I have previously finished in searing heat, and falling snow - this year's edition was picture perfect, mild and windless to the finish - a big surprise!

My 2013 campaign was a personal success - I raced to the best of my ability and harbour no regrets - and therein lies the essence of a great day on the bike. Congratulations to friends and training partners alike that tackled the beast and have all done so well.

Thanks Warragul CC & CV. Thanks to the good folk at The Hurt Box for the stellar physical conditioning, also a huge thanks to my support crew: Fausto and Oliver - you guys made the day possible.

Baw Baw climb - Searing clarity soon fades to a hazy memory once you cross that finish line.. (c/o Tony Reeckman)

I look forward to this event every year, and I know that as the 2013 edition folds down to just a memory - an ephemeral bundled and labelled sequence of images and sounds, the 2014 edition will be just around the corner before I know it.. ready to slam it's way into the here and now with that unique Baw Baw Classic brand of reality... Bring it on!

Results: B Grade Masters top 10:
Anthony Wallace
Carnegie Caulfield CC 
Paul Makepeace
Latrobe City Cycling Club 
Matthew Ledgar
St Kilda Cycling Club Inc 
Benjamin Craven
St Kilda Cycling Club Inc 
James Grant
St Kilda Cycling Club Inc 
James Lechte
St Kilda Cycling Club Inc 
John Parncutt
St Kilda Cycling Club Inc 
Cameron Senese
Blackburn Cycling Club Inc 
Julien Fleurus
Hawthorn Cycling Club 
Paul Martinico
Southern Masters Cycling Club

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